Fluid Power Actuators

Single- and double-acting pneumatic piston actuators (rack and pinion)

Standard 90°, optional 120°, 180° , 240° or custom angles

Stroke adjustment
-5° to +5° from 90° position
Single and double end stop options

2.4 to 15,300 Nm (135,400 lbf.in)

Air pressure
2 to 10 bar

Filtered air PNEUROP/ISO

Single- and double-acting pneumatic piston actuators (rack and pinion)

Standard 90°

Stroke adjustment

  • -5° to +5° from 90° position
  • Double end stop options

2.4 to 1,190 Nm (10,170 lbf.in)

Air pressure
2 to 10 bar

Filtered air PNEUROP/ISO class 4, other fluids on request

The RC200 is an extremely compact pneumatic actuator. Its scotch yoke design is particularly suited for valves with high start or end torque requirements. It is available in double-acting and spring-returnconfigurations with torque output up to 4,400 Nm (38,000 lbf.in).

The RC200 is available in a variety of configurations and an extensive range of options and accessories is available. RC200 actuators have BSP threaded ports and metric threads for mounting. A variant for the Americas (RCI200) comes with NPT ports and imperial threads for mounting.

  • Compact design

Pneumatic quarter-turn actuators for demanding applications (10 to 900 Nm)

  • For On-Off and modulating
  • Compact design
  • For applications where aluminium cannot be accepted
  • Double-acting or spring-return
  • Pre-tensioned springs for safety
  • Connection according to DIN3337/ISO5211 to valve
  • Scotch yoke principle gives high torque in the end positions
  • High reliability, long life, one-year warranty
  • Epoxy coated steel housing. PTFE treated cylinder
  • Drive shaft and screws in stainless

RCC200 firesafe pneumatic quarter-turn actuators (25 to 150 Nm)

  • For On-Off and modulating
  • Compact design
  • Single-acting actuators with spring-return
  • "Firesafe" design for applications with extreme demands on function and safety
  • Pre-tensioned springs for safety
  • Connection to valves in accordance with DIN3337/ISO5211
  • Scotch yoke design provides high torque in the end positions
  • High reliability, long life, one year warranty
  • High efficiency, low air consumption
  • Epoxy coated

The K-TORK Range of high-performance ‘true rotary’ vane actuators are used in critical applications commonly found in most process industries. Located in Dallas, Texas, USA, K-TORK products are supplied through the global network of Rotork offices and Rotork agents and K-TORK distributors in the USA.

K-TORK actuators + controls are versatile, modular and available in both double-acting and spring-returnmodels. They are used to operate ball, butterfly or plug valves, and other 90-degree or less rotating mechanisms.

Details of the

K-TORK Air Fail-Safe actuators incorporate an integral air reservoir to fail valve in desired position upon loss of air pressure, electrical power, or both. Available for general purpose or hazardous area classification installations.

  • Economical alternative to large, heavy mechanical spring-return actuators
  • Will not allow the valve / actuator to "drift" during periods of low supply air pressure
  • Field reversible to change the fail position
  • Capable of multiple valve cycles after loss of supply air
  • NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 mounting standard for

K-TORK Actuators and Controls represents the future of valve automation. The vane actuator is a ‘True Rotary’ actuator that does not require the conversion of a linear motion to a rotary motion. The result is a simple, highly accurate and reliable quarter-turn pneumatic actuator that is specified for the most demanding process flow control applications.

  • Available in double-acting or spring-returnconfigurations
  • Torque outputs up to 18,300 Nm (155,000 lbf.in)
  • Simple, one moving part
  • Capable of millions of

K-TORK offers a de-clutch gearbox manual override that mounts between the actuator and the valve to provide for manual valve operation in the event of air failure or for emergency operation. Under normal automatic operation, the gear is disengaged and the actuator turns freely to operate the valve.

The manual override will remain attached to the valve to hold the valve steady or to open / close the valve with the K-TORK actuator removed for maintenance or repair.

  • No additional mounting parts required. Can be easily added to any actuator in the field
  • Will

The Ranger CG Corrosion-Guard finish greatly extends the life of the actuator in highly-corrosive environments. The housing and vane are treated both inside and out while the Ranger CG system treats all internal threads and cavities.

The Ranger CG actuators provide an armoured layer of protection against a wide range of acids, caustics, alkalis, solvents and salt-laden environments. The cast aluminium body and alloy steel vane are treated with a thermosetting tripolymer resin coating system formulated for mechanical components requiring corrosion-resistance and surface

Rotork Type K rotary pneumatic damper drives are offered in two basic configurations; the PM Series (Pedestal Mount) and the DM Series (Direct Mount). Both Series provide accurate quarter-turn control to dampers on combustion air and flue gas applications. They offer modulating control, isolation open / close control and bus network control to fit your operating needs.

See brochure for a complete listing of boiler, furnace and process heater applications, torques and speeds and control options.

  • Improved damper operation – higher torque output

The Type K FasTraK retrofit damper drive has been pre-designed to provide a ready-made product to replace common, older legacy damper drives. After decades of damper drive retrofit, Type K has narrowed and refined the highest volume Series PM (Pedestal Mount) rotary damper drives to provide a Quick Ship upgrade solution. Experience maximum boiler performance with new Type K FasTraK damper drives.

  • Guaranteed to ship in one week or less
  • Replace non-performing damper drives with ‘Drop-in-Place’ retrofit
  • 12 Models

The Rotork AH Series high-cycle actuator is ideal for the demanding service found under precipitators on the ash hopper flap gates. The totally-enclose design eliminates the high maintenance cylinder or low-pressure canister actuators.

  • No exposed piston rod to draw fly ash into the cylinder
  • Compact / high torque output
  • Dual-opposed lip seals for long life
  • No ‘pinch points’ integral to the actuator
  • ‘No Play’ coupling to eliminate hysteresis and

The CT Series linear damper drive was designed specifically for fuel air and auxiliary air applications on CE / Alstom / T-fired / Corner-fired boilers. The CT Series provides excellent and efficient control of the Secondary Air within the windbox and will withstand the extreme heat and vibration common in this application. Effective windbox control will reduce NOx and minimise carbon monoxide (CO) associated with poor fuel-air mixing and will maintain boiler thermal performance.

  • Matching “pin-to-pin” replacement for legacy 2.5”

The JR Series was designed specifically for wall-fired boilers with burners using a combination of fuel and combustion air. The JR Series controls the secondary air that is introduced at the burner and the air/fuel ratio is regulated by a sliding-sleeve damper to balance the air flow distribution. The JR Series offers ‘split architecture’ with the Power cylinder and the DPC-777 positioner mounted separately to remove sensitive electronics from the high-temperature area around the boiler and burner.


The LX Series pneumatic linear damper drive is proven to be the most reliable, robust and premium quality drive for severe duty applications. A properly specified LX Series is capable of operating for millions of cycles in harsh applications with little or no maintenance.
Type K will provide a cylinder to match the dimensions of the existing linear pneumatic or electric damper drive, eliminating costly field engineering, modifications or fabrication
Ultimate rod gland cleaning system cleans the piston rod as it retracts into the linear drive
Wide variety of bore diameter and

CP range pneumatic actuators are a versatile, modular, scotch yoke design available in both double-acting and spring-return configurations. The compact and efficient design yields high torques even at low pressures. The design concepts found in Rotork's large, heavy-duty actuators has been applied to the CP range, which brings heavy-duty actuator qualities to small, quarter-turn actuators.

  • The actuator body is of rugged, ductile cast iron available in four body sizes. Cylinders are manufactured from carbon steel, electroless nickel-plated.
  • Pneumatic

The 4P/4H multi-turn actuators apply the reliable Planetary Torque Controls System (PTCS), fulfilling requirements in certain industries for actuators with a hydraulic or pneumatic supply in multi-turn applications with position and applied torque control.

  • 4P pneumatic actuator: reversible vane motor including a wide range of supply pressures 2 to 7 bar
  • 4H hydraulic actuator: reversible vane motor including a wide range of supply pressures 30 to 120 bar
  • Torque from 450 Nm (332 lbf.ft) up to 200,000 Nm (147,556 lbf.ft) when combined with an external worm

GP (pneumatic) and GH (hydraulic) range scotch yoke actuators are designed to provide a rotary, quarter-turn movement for either on/off or modulating duty. The rugged yet compact design is available with two different yoke designs. The classic symmetric yoke delivers peak torque at both ends of stroke. Alternatively, they can be supplied with canted torque arms designed to deliver peak torque at only one end of stroke. Use of canted arms can often reduce actuator size, weight and cost for valves with appropriate torque demand characteristics.

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic

Rotork linear actuators offer the advantages of compact size, high performance and a simple but highly reliable design. They are ideal for operating on/off and control functions of both globe and wedge gate valves. Both spring-return and double-actingconfigurations are available with either pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Rotork Fluid Systems' Centres of Excellence will help you determine and meet your linear actuator needs.

  • Electroless nickel-plated cylinders, chromium-plated piston rods
  • Hammer blow and standard valve stem coupling

Rack and pinion actuators often offer the most economical solution for quarter-turn valves that have a fairly constant torque requirement throughout the stroke.

RH (hydraulic) actuators are available in five body sizes to produce torque output up to 3,400 Nm (30,000 lbf.in) at operating pressures up to 250 bar (3,600 psi). They are available in either double-acting or spring-return configurations.

  • Heavy-duty cast iron bodies
  • Electroless nickel-plated cylinders for corrosion resistance
  • Valve mounting dimensions per ISO 5211 DIN

RHQ actuators are designed for some of the most challenging valve actuation applications on earth. They are an excellent choice for the demanding requirements and adverse conditions found in applications for mining and offshore. The balanced design has a very compact footprint for a given output. Integral lifting lugs are designed to support the weight of both the actuator and the valve.

Output torque up to 5,650,000 Nm (50,000,000 lbf.in).

  • Hydraulic, double-acting actuators
  • Ductile cast-iron or carbon-steel totally enclosed weatherproof

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