The gas-over-oil range of pipeline actuators are designed to use pipeline gas as the motive power source. They utilise our robust GH and RH quarter-turn prime movers and are field proven in installations around the world. Control configurations are available to meet virtually any operational requirements.

  • Scotch yoke and rack and pinion double-actingactuators
  • Comprehensive range of high pressure control logic options (e.g. local and remote, line break, low pressure close, ESD, etc.)
  • ASME certified tanks
  • Low or high-pressure control logic

ELB Line Break Detection System

Rotork™s ELB (Electronic Line Break) is a robust self-contained electronic pipeline monitoring system designed for use in the gas & oil industry. It will continuously monitor pipeline pressure dynamics to provide early detection of pipeline breaks and initiate automatic valve actuator movement to an emergency position based upon user-defined parameters. The powerful and versatile system can also collect detailed operational data useful for optimising performance and enhancing pipeline safety.

  • Intuitive user interface featuring an advanced backlit


The HPG range of pipeline actuators are designed to use pipeline gas as the motive power source. They utilise our robust scotch yoke mechanism field proven the world over in all types of fluid power applications.

Manual override is a standard feature of the range. Our design incorporates a separate cylinder for hydraulic override to ensure complete separation of high-pressure pipeline gas from the hydraulic fluid. The use of an independent override cylinder allows replacement of power cylinder seals without removal of the actuator from the valve and will even allow for manual


The Skilmatic range of actuators offer a unique and reliable solution for electric failsafe and modulating control for both quarter-turn and linear valves and dampers.

They combine the simplicity of electrical operation with the precision of hydraulic control and the reliability of mechanical spring return or accumulator fail-safe action.

Available in both quarter-turn (65 to 500,000 Nm) and linear (1.7 to 5,000 kN) execution, the actuators are offered with a wide range of operating speeds, ESD inputs, partial stroke testing, analogue, Hart and fieldbus communication

Remote Hand Station for SI

The RHS enables safe and secure local monitoring and control of Rotork 3rd Generation Skilmatic Range actuators installed in inaccessible locations.

Using the same display and controls interface from the SI, users can remotely operate, interrogate and configure the SI actuator from up to 100 m distance. Due to the familiar, feature rich interface, set up couldn’t be simpler using the Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro supplied with the SI.

Duplicating the full functionality of the SI, data logs can be viewed and downloaded locally at the


As specialist manufacturers of electro-hydraulic actuation and control equipment we offer comprehensive, purpose designed, engineered and manufactured solutions for the operation of choke and control valves for onshore and offshore installations.

The electro-hydraulic stepping actuator provides a cost effective alternative solution to the mechanical ratchet style mechanism occasionally used for the positioning control of choke valves.

The assembly incorporates a hydraulic control system that is activated by an integral position controller in conjunction with a 4 to 20


We are well versed with supplying subsea product to meet the harsh conditions and stringent demands of subsea applications. The subsea product range encompasses actuator and gearbox designs for retrievable and non-retrievable applications. Our engineering group works closely with contractor and end-user engineers to meet specific project requirements.

  • Hydraulic quarter-turn and linear subsea actuators in double-acting and spring-returnconfigurations
  • Subsea and splashzone trims
  • Retrievable and non-retrievable designs
  • Multitude of design options

VRCS Range

Designed for marine applications, our VRCS takes into consideration all the challenges faced by ship operators worldwide.

The main design concepts are:

  • Engineered for reliability. The cabinets allow for redundant power supply and redundant communication lines to the automation system. Two VolOil sensors are installed per each valve, increasing the precision of the position feedback reading.
  • Internal leakage of hydraulic components has been reduced to a minimum, minimizing the loss of hydraulic pressure. A solution called RPC (Reduce

Advanced VRCS Range

The Rotork Advanced Valve Remote Control System starts with the self-contained micro power pack E-ACT-C type electro-hydraulic actuator with integral electronic control unit), and goes up to the “I/O Control Cabinet” which contains main and backup communication cards, power distribution, serial interface and a touchscreen panel for local control.

The system has been designed with full redundancy in mind – considering both power and communications. If one of the two lines of each group is cut, the other one will remain connected


The CQ range provides an innovative fully-concentric and balanced actuator design for quarter-turn valves. The design features a helical mechanism that transforms linear piston motion into quarter-turn valve stem rotation. CQ actuators provide a much higher torque output for a given footprint than scotch yoke designs typically utilised to operate many quarter-turn valve types. It is therefore ideally suited for installation in confined spaces. Further, Rotork’s unique helical pin design provides higher efficiency than a helical gear mechanism utilised by other valve


The Rotork manPOWER range high-integrity failsafe valve operation without the need for any power supply. The self-contained system is suitable for workshop or mounting on a wide range of rotary and linear operated valves and It offers a cost-effective solution for actuator applications where operation is infrequent. Typical applications include emergency shutdown valves and over-or under-pressure protection at remote, unpowered locations.

Product Features:

  • Completely self contained
  • Adaptable for quarter-turn or linear


Hydraulic power units (HPU’s) complement our extensive offering of rotary and linear actuators. We have over three decades of experience in their manufacture with units in service in a variety of plants and pipelines in locations spanning the globe. Although our HPU’s are primarily intended to power our hydraulic actuators they are of course suitable for other applications as well. And, in order to provide a complete range of options to best meet the requirements of any application, RFS also has the Skilmatic range of self-contained electro-hydraulic


P/H range production has been discontinued and replaced by GP/GH range. Consult the After Sales department in our Rochester, NY factory for P/H spare parts availability. Phone: +1 585 247 2308 ext. 10459 email: us-asts@rotork.com

P (pneumatic) and H (hydraulic) ranges actuators are designed to provide a rotary, quarter-turn movement for either on/off or modulating duty. The robust design incorporates double sealing for superior environmental protection and features a one-piece ductile iron cast centrebody. Superior design features enable a much longer service life than


PHW range production has been discontinued. Please consult the After Sales department in our Lucca (Italy), factory for PHW spare parts availability or further information. Phone: +3905832221 ext. 520 email:spares.rfs@rotork.com

The PHW is a versatile valve operator designed to operate either as a manual handwheel or hydraulically via an external hydraulic power unit connected to the quick-connect fittings provided. It is an excellent solution for seldom used or remotely located valves where automated actuation is not practical but faster valve operation is sometimes required


SVM (Smart Valve Monitor) production is temporarily discontinued. Please consult the Sales department in our Leeds, UK factory for SVM spare parts availability.

Phone: +44 (0) 113 205 7255
email: sales.skilmatic@rotork.com

For further information, please contact your local office.

The Rotork Smart Valve Monitor is a partial stroke testing (PST) system for hydraulically or pneumatically actuated on/off valves.

The system consists of a control unit that connects to the power supply, the solenoid valve, and

Twin Power

Twin Power range production has been discontinued. Please consult the After Sales department in Falun (Sweden) for Twin Power spare parts availability or further information. Phone: +46 23 58700 email: falun.sales@rotork.com

The Twin Power is a robust multi-turn actuator suitable for use with rising stem or rising wheel valves. Its flexible modular design is available in both pneumatic and hydraulic powered variants.

  • Torque output to 800 Nm (7,080 lbf.in)
  • Easily retrofitted to existing valves
  • ATEX certified
  • Robust